Miss Jessica's JAMZ

Studio of Dance, Inc.

Classes by Age

20 month-2.5 yrs of age

Wednesday 12:30 pm Mom & Me

Saturday 9:45 am Mom & Me

3-4 years

Tuesday 3:30pm Ballet & Tap I (3-4 yrs)

Thursday 3:00 pm Tumbling (3-4 yrs)

Friday 4:00 Hip Hop I (4-6yrs)

Saturday 10:15am Ballet & Tap I (3-4yrs) 

Saturday 11:15am Tumbling I (3-4 yrs)

5-7 years

Monday 5:00pm Tap Ballet & Hip Hop I (5-7 yrs)

Tuesday 4:30pm Ballet & Tap II (5-6 yrs)

Wednesday 3:30pm Tap, Ballet & Jazz I (5-7 yrs)

Thursday 3:45pm Tumbling II (5-6 yrs)

Friday 4:00pm Hip Hop II (4-6yrs)

Friday 6:30pm Tap & Jazz (5-7 yrs)

Saturday 10:30pm Tap Ballet & Jazz I (5-7 yrs)

Saturday 12:00pm Tumbling II (5-6 yrs)

7-9 years

Monday 6:30pm Hip Hop III (7-8 yrs)

Tuesday 5:30pm Ballet & Tap III (7-8 yrs)

Thursday 4:30pm Tumbling & Hip Hop (5-8yrs)

Friday 4:45pm Hip Hop III (7-9yrs)

Saturday 12:45pm Tumbling III (7-9 yrs)

8-12 years

Monday 3:30pm Tap Ballet & Hip Hop II (8-10 yrs)

Monday 7:15pm Hip Hop IV (9-12 yrs)

Wednesday 6:15pm Lyrical (9-12 yrs)

Thursday 6:30 Tumbling IV (9-12 yrs)

Friday 4:45pm Hip Hop III (7-9yrs)

Saturday 12:30pm Tap, Ballet & Jazz III (8-13 yrs)